ADSL+Domain Mailbox Example: If user has Domain Mailbox and connect in via ADSL. Winmail can act as inner mail system and also as mail gateway.


1. Apply for ADSL account,Connect Internet via ADSL.
2. Apply for a Domain Name, For example
3. Apply for Domain Mailbox from ISP
4. Check to confirm if the Domain Mailbox support ETRN or unlimited mailbox alias.

Installation Setup

1. In "Domain name management", Add main domain and make configuration.
2. In "User management", create related mailbox.
3. In "Internet Setup", Online option is "permanent Online".
4. In"SMTP setup", setup SMTP parameters.
5. Mail gateway setup
   5.1. ETRN Mode: In"Mail gateway"/"ETRN setup ",Add ETRN send and receive record.
   5.2. Unlimited alias mailbox mode: In "Mail gateway"/"POP3 Download"£ĴAdd Receive Domain Mailbox unlimited alias mailbox POP3 account, and distribute to the relevant local mailbox according to mail head.
   5.3. General POP3 mode: In "Mail gateway"/"POP3 Download", Add POP3 record for the related user to send related mails through the way of direct delivery.
6. In"schedular task", add new record to make system connect Internet to receive mails from Domain Mailbox Timely.
7. The system can ensure the inner domain mails will delivery within Company LAN and allow adding some innor mail account.

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